Python Project Ideas

Python Project Ideas

In this article I collected a few interesting project ideas for you to improve your Python coding skills. All ideas come with a follow-along video and copyable source-code.

Beginner Project Ideas

Beginner Python Project 1: Body Mass Index Calculator


Build a script that asks the user’s body weight and height and prints his/her BMI value and classification. You can copy the BMI formula and the classification form Wikipedia.

Follow along video:

Source code:

def ask_user():
    return (
            float(input("Your height:")),
            float(input("Your weight:"))

def get_bmi_index(height, weight):
    return weight/height**2

def get_bmi_class(bmi):
    classes = {
        15: "Very severely underweight",
        16: "Severely underweight",
        18.5: "Underweight",
        25: "Normal (healthy weight)",
        30: "Overweight",
        35: "Obese Class I (Moderately obese)",
        40: "Obese Class II (Severely obese)",
        float('inf'): "Obese Class III (Very severely obese)"
    for limit, bmi_class in classes.items():
        if bmi < limit:
            return bmi_class

height, weight = ask_user()

bmi = get_bmi_index(height, weight)
bmi_class = get_bmi_class(bmi)

print('Your BMI is {}, you are classified as "{}"'.format(bmi, bmi_class))